Email Marketing

Are you helping to run an e-commerce business? Looking for ways to use email marketing to boost your conversion rates?

You have a lot of options for marketing your e-commerce business online: social media, SEO, and content marketing, among others. But for driving conversions or sales, email can be your best friend.

If you’re not optimizing email marketing for your e-commerce store, then you’re losing money and opportunities: 33{fc7b1702fd2c166319f2a3e947c4bc736930c314a324c383a777f2e8d35d6e69} of consumers report that email contributes most to their online shopping.

These tips of Email Marketing are entirely actionable, You can easily implement them to increase conversion rates.

  • Offer a ‘bribe’ during subscription process.
  • Send a welcome email series.
  • Include a benefit (and pique curiosity) to make your subject line interesting.
  • Use FOMO and urgency in the subject line.
  • Use preheader text like a movie trailer
  • Tell an engaging story in your email
  • Use deeper personalization
  • Provide something valuable (such as incentives) to potential customers.
  • Ask feedback from customers
  • Place an actionable call to action (CTA) that stands out

As with any other customer transaction, with email marketing, delivering consistent value is vital. That’s true in all spaces, across all industries. Every email sent must deliver value to your target audience. It’s why the better you know your audience, the more successful you’ll be. You’ll know better what they find value in and how to deliver it.

Do you know who your target audience is and why they’re your target audience? Think about it from their perspective. Does your latest message deliver value to them? Did the previous one? Together this creates what we call Value History.

Compelling subject lines are vital for short term open rates, but if the value history is not there, open rates decline precipitously over time, and eventually, many will unsubscribe. If you have created solid value history, that precedent makes your audience open and read your email messages.The audience for our clients’ tech contractor clients is primarily affluent home owners and contractors serving them, such as custom home builders and architects. Sending out emails that have value to them and developing a value history keeps long term open rates high. It’s worked very well.