Website Optimization

A strategically curated website and an online presence can provide tremendous benefits only if consumers of your business can find your website faster and easier than your competitors’.

A decade ago, the Nielsen Norman Group conducted an eye-tracking study to understand how the human eye consumes data on a webpage. The dominant reading pattern looked like an “F.” The user’s full attention focused primarily on the upper part of the content area (the first result on a search page), with dwindling attention as they move down for their second horizontal movement, and further receding attention as they scan vertically mostly towards the left pane.

First and foremost, SEO must be built into your overall marketing strategy from the beginning. Unlike the old days where people would build websites and then want to “SEO it all” once the website is complete, today they work in conjunction with one another in order to achieve the results you desire. Bottom line, today everything has to be infused with your SEO strategy.

Technical optimization is the part of SEO that a visitor might not actually see or notice. However, what they will notice is how fast your site is. They’ll notice how secure it is, and how well it caters to their expectations for a good site.

On Page SEO specifies only your website, but there’s a lot to your website. Maybe you think it’s just a few pages, but optimizers see a whole bunch of opportunity to tweak for better user intent, conversions, marketing and ranking. If you don’t know where your site stands according to this list, you need to go check it out!